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How do I connect to my phone or tablet?

Device Access

To use VNC Server for Mobile with Device Access you will need an Enterprise subscription and an MDM, such as Microsoft Intune, to apply a cloud connectivity token.

Once VNC Server for Mobile has been joined to your Team, you will be able to connect to the mobile device as you would for a computer in VNC Viewer. There is no username or password to provide, instead all connections must be approved by the user of the mobile device that you are connecting to.

On-Demand Assist

As a technician, you will use VNC Viewer on Windows, Mac or Linux to generate a 9 digit session code in the same way you would when connecting to Windows or Mac. Your end users will download and install the VNC Server mobile app from their app store and enter the 9 digit code provided by the technician. Read more about On-Demand Assist here.

Note for both Device Access and On-Demand Assist, the VNC Server mobile app must be open and in the foreground to approve incoming connections for both Device Access and On-Demand Assist, or your device must be configured to allow notifications while screen broadcasting is activated.

What can and can’t I do?

VNC Server for Mobile allows you to remotely access and view an Android or iOS device. Remote access to Android and iOS devices is view only; remote control is not yet supported.

* For Device Access an MDM for app deployment is required, such as Microsoft Intune.

Which versions of Android and iOS/iPadOS are supported?

VNC Server for Android is supported on Android 7 and later.

VNC Server for iOS/iPadOS is supported on iOS/iPadOS 14 and later.

Can I connect to an unattended phone or tablet?

VNC Server for Mobile can only be used in attended access mode, with the remote device requiring a user present to accept the connection.

Why can't I control my phone or tablet?

Remote control is not yet supported; all connections are view only.

Can I make a direct connection to my phone or tablet without accessing the Internet?

No, VNC Server for Mobile supports cloud connections only.

Which features are unavailable when connecting to my phone or tablet?

File transfer, chat, remote printing, audio and screen recording are not yet supported.

Can I change the app between Device Access and On-Demand Assist?

Once VNC Server for Mobile has been joined to a Device Access Team, you will no longer be able to connect to it using On-Demand Assist. To switch to On-Demand Assist, you will need to remove the device from your Team using the VNC Connect portal and removing the relevant configuration policy in your MDM.

Which permissions are required for the apps?

For Android, to use Device Access you will need to allow the app to display notifications.

For iOS, the app requests permissions to display notifications, as well as connecting to devices on your local network. For Device Access, notifications must also be enabled in iOS' Settings, Notification, Screen Sharing. You can read more about how to do this here.

The "Listen for connections" button is missing in VNC Server for iOS, how can I start a session?

Please check that another app is not already broadcasting your screen. If it is, disable it and re-launch VNC Server for iOS. If you continue to experience issues, please contact support here.

Can I connect to a locked phone or tablet?

No, the phone or tablet must be unlocked for VNC connections to be successful.

How do I deploy VNC Server for Mobile using an MDM?

Please see Deploying VNC Server for Mobile using Microsoft Intune

Are there any known issues?

Yes, see VNC Server for Mobile - Known Issues.

Can I talk to someone if I need help?

Yes. Professional and Enterprise users can access support here.

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