How do I obtain Session information for RealVNC Support?


During your VNC Connect session you can view useful information about your connection by clicking the Session Information (i) button, found in the VNC Viewer toolbar. You may be asked for this information if you contact RealVNC Support along with diagnostics and logs.

  1. While connected to your server access the VNC Viewer toolbar and select the Session information icon.

  2. This will open a new window in the VNC Viewer app with information about your current session. Take a screenshot of the information and include it in your reply to RealVNC Support. As of VNC Viewer 7.0.0, you can instead use the Save As button to save the displayed information to a text file.
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  • How do I do this on command line?
    I want to track line speed estimate and RTT via script.

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  • Hi,

    Unfortunately this information isn't accessible via the command line at the moment. I will pass your suggestion on to our product team.


    Jack N

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