Licensing VNC Connect


You must license the VNC Server app you install on every remote computer you want to control.

*You don’t need to license any software if you only provide instant support. Instead, you simply name technicians online, and licensing is handled automatically for those people from then on.

Home and Professional subscriptions

You must make a desk-side visit and sign in to VNC Server using your RealVNC account credentials. You do not have a license key. Both VNC Viewer and VNC Server computers/devices must be connected to the Internet.

The Licensing Wizard should appear automatically when VNC Server is installed, but if it doesn’t you can right-click the VNC Server tray icon and select Licensing:

Enter the email address and password you used when you signed up for your RealVNC account:
NOTE: If you have multiple subscriptions, you will be asked to choose which subscription to join your computer to. Please ensure you choose the correct team otherwise you may be unable to access your computer remotely.

Enterprise subscriptions

To license VNC Server, you can either make a desk-side visit, or apply your license key:

  • If the remote computer is connected to the Internet and you have physical access to its graphical user interface, then you can sign in using your RealVNC account credentials in the same way as for a Home or Professional subscription.
  • If you want to license VNC Server in bulk or remotely, or if the remote computer is not currently connected to the Internet, you must use your license key.
    Note: If you use a license key only direct connectivity is enabled. If the remote computer is connected to the Internet there’s a separate step to enable cloud connectivity.

Applying a license key desk-side via the License Wizard

You’ll find a 25 character license key for offline, bulk or remote deployment on the Deployment page of your RealVNC account. You’ll also find a separate key for our previous VNC 5.x software, in case you need to remotely access legacy platforms.

If you do have desk-side access, you can enter your license key in the graphical License Wizard if you wish. Right-click the VNC Server tray icon and select Licensing:


Select the Register offline button at the bottom of the License Wizard and follow the instructions:


Applying a license key at the command line

Run the appropriate command below as an administrator:

  • Windows: 
    INSTALL-DIR\vnclicense.exe -add KEY
  • Mac: 
    sudo /Library/vnc/vnclicense -add KEY
  • Linux: 
    sudo vnclicense -add KEY

To obtain your KEY, navigate to the Deployment page of your RealVNC account. For example, under Windows:

"C:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNC Server\vnclicense.exe" -add 12345-ABCDE-54321-EDCBA-12345

*Under Linux, our example script explains how to install, license, configure and start VNC Server entirely at the command line.

Applying a license key in bulk or remotely

The following mechanisms are available:

  • Under Windows, you can deploy your license key with the VNC Server MSI as part of a Group Policy Object (GPO).
  • Under any platform, you can deploy your license key at the same time as you remotely configure VNC Server using policy templates.

Relicensing VNC Connect at renewal time

For most people, we’ll automatically handle relicensing VNC Server on all your remote computers when your subscription renews.

Note, however, if you have:

  • An Enterprise subscription
  • Originally licensed VNC Server on a particular computer using your 25 character license key
  • Only establish direct connections to that computer (that is, you never establish cloud connections)

...then when you renew you’ll find a new license key on the Deployment page of your RealVNC account. You will need to manually apply this new key to that remote computer.

*Providing a remote computer is connected to the Internet, you can add it to your team and benefit from automatic relicensing via our cloud service, saving you having to apply a new license key manually. You can still disable cloud connectivity on that computer.

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