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Licensing has changed in VNC 7.x

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You must license the VNC Server you install on every remote device you want to access, and if your subscription is licensed per-user, VNC Viewer on every device you want to access from.

You don’t need to license any software if you only use On-Demand Assist. Instead, you simply name technicians online, and licensing is handled automatically for those people from then on.

Licensing using the cloud

VNC Server

To license VNC Server using the cloud, you can either make a desk-side visit and sign in to VNC Server using your RealVNC account credentials, or if your subscription includes mass deployment, deploy a cloud connectivity token.

The Licensing Wizard should appear automatically when VNC Server is installed, but if it doesn’t you can right-click the VNC Server tray icon and select Licensing:


Enter the email address and password you used when you signed up for your RealVNC account:


NOTE: If you have multiple subscriptions, you will be asked to choose which subscription to join your computer to. Please ensure you choose the correct team otherwise you may be unable to access your computer remotely.

VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer only needs to be licensed when connecting to a VNC Server using a per user subscription.

To license VNC Viewer using the cloud, you must have desk-side access to VNC Viewer. To apply our license, click the Sign In button and enter your RealVNC account credentials, or if you have enabled Azure AD SSO, use your Azure AD credentials.


Licensing with an offline license

If your subscription includes offline licensing, you can license VNC Connect offline by either making a desk-side visit, licensing at the command line, or using policy. You may want to do this if the computers are not currently connected to the Internet, or you prefer to not enable cloud connectivity.

For the steps to obtain and apply an offline license, please see Applying an offline license to VNC Connect

Note: If you use an offline license only direct connectivity is enabled.

Licensing in bulk or remotely

If you want to license VNC Connect  in bulk or remotely, you can either:

The above options require that your subscription includes mass deployment and/or offline licensing.

Relicensing at renewal time

For most people, we’ll automatically handle relicensing VNC Connect on all your remote computers when your subscription renews.

Note, if you have a subscription that includes offline licensing and originally licensed VNC Connect on a computer using your offline license, when you renew you will need to manually apply the new offline license to that computer.

*Providing a computer is connected to the Internet, you can add it to your team and benefit from automatic relicensing via our cloud service, saving you having to apply a new license key manually, while being able to disable cloud connectivity on that computer (VNC Server only).

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