Support for VNC Connect Home subscriptions


Unfortunately due to overwhelming demand, we're unable to provide technical support for VNC Connect Home subscriptions.

For technical questions regarding VNC Connect Home subscriptions, please check the RealVNC Community

We do provide security support for RealVNC accounts, so if you have a VNC Connect Home subscription and your question relates to a specific security incident please contact our support team. We are unable to provide any other form of technical support for VNC Connect Home subscriptions.
If your request relates to data privacy, please email

2-step authentication codes

Ensure you save your backup codes if you enable 2-step authentication for your account as if you lose the TOTP device, you may be unable to log into your account. Unfortunately we are unable to help in this case.

If you have a VNC Connect Home subscription and are experiencing problems receiving emails such as login authorization or password reset, please refer to the following article which may help: What do I do if I don't receive an email for email verification/password reset/device authorization? However, unfortunately we're unable to assist further.

Please note that Professional and Enterprise VNC Connect subscriptions include comprehensive technical support.

If you are interested in purchasing a VNC Connect subscription, please see How do I subscribe to VNC Connect?

We thank you for your understanding.

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