Can I have my subscription re-applied automatically from the cloud when I renew, even if I don't want cloud connectivity?


Yes, providing the remote computer running RealVNC Server is permanently connected to the Internet, and able to communicate with RealVNC's cloud service.

This will save you having to manually re-apply the subscription using an offline license each time you renew. To do this:

  1. Add the computer to the team. This will turn on cloud connectivity and auto-relicensing.
  2. Disable cloud connectivity in RealVNC Server's Options or by using policy, to disable the AllowCloudRfb parameter. This will prevent users establishing cloud connections to the computer, but leave auto-relicensing turned on.

RealVNC Server will contact the cloud service periodically (currently once every 24 hours) to confirm that a valid subscription is available. When you renew your subscription, the cloud service will automatically apply your updated subscription to RealVNC Server.

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