Network Access Requirements


To establish cloud connections, computers and devices running VNC Connect must be able to communicate with RealVNC’s cloud service at the locations in the table below. If a proxy or firewall is blocking outgoing communications, cloud connections cannot be established.

You don’t need to comply with these requirements if you have an Enterprise subscription and only establish direct connections.

We highly recommend allowing access using IP ranges and not URL to ensure connectivity continues working when additional capacity is added. 

Note on SSL/TLS Proxies

Strict certificate signature checking is used in VNC Connect clients (VNC Viewer and VNC Server) - SSL/TLS proxies that intercept SSL/TLS connections and mint new certificates will cause connections to fail. If SSL/TLS proxies or endpoint security software with SSL/TLS inspection are used in your organization, please ensure the IP addresses detailed below are whitelisted/bypassed.

If you are sure endpoints have network access but you still cannot establish cloud connections, check our service status page.


IPv4 address TCP port UDP port Role

443 n/a Update notification service (optional)
443 n/a API gateway service

443 n/a Cloud team management services 443 n/a 443 n/a 443 n/a 443 n/a 443 n/a 443 n/a Cloud bootstrap services 443 n/a 443 n/a 443 3478

Cloud connectivity services 443 3478

11000-20000* 443 3478

* required for High Speed Streaming and Audio

If your network proxy or endpoint security software requires hostname/DNS entries instead of IPs, please allow the wildcard: *
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  • There is also an IP address needed for updating the server(s), that information might dovetail well into this article.

    Note from RealVNC: the above IP address is used for VNC Server's automatic update check feature

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  • Hi David,

    We have now updated this documentation with the IP address for our update notification service. Thank you for the suggestion and have a great day!

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