Keyboard shortcuts stop working in VNC Connect


What happens?

Sometimes you may find that keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V stop working while you are connected to your VNC Server computer.

How do I fix it?

If this happens, the first thing to check if you have enabled CAPS Lock on your keyboard. If you have, please try turning it off and try your keyboard shortcut again.

Why does this happen?

The issue is caused by VNC Server adding a Shift key to the command when CAPS Lock is enabled. If you would like to stop VNC Server doing this, you can do so by disabling the AlterShiftWithMods parameter.

To do this (VNC Server 6.7.x and later), open VNC Server's Options, and click on the Expert section. Enter AlterShiftWithMods=0 into the Filter textbox, and then click the Set parameters button that appears. Click OK to close Options.


I'm still having problems with keyboard shortcuts, what can I do?

Please submit a support ticket to the Product Support team

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