Do I need to configure ports, firewalls or routers?


Using cloud connections

In most cases, when using RealVNC Connect's cloud connectivity, you won't need to configure any ports, firewalls or routers - our cloud will broker the connection between the RealVNC Viewer and RealVNC Server automatically.

Connecting to the Internet via a proxy server?

If you are connecting either to or from a device in a corporate network, or a network that uses a proxy or restrictive firewall, then you will need to ensure that RealVNC Viewer and RealVNC Server can establish outgoing communications to RealVNC Connect's cloud services listed on this page.

Bulk deploying RealVNC Server behind an authenticated proxy?

If you are deploying and licensing RealVNC Server online in bulk (subscription required) and have a proxy server that requires authentication, see this FAQ.

Using direct connections

If your RealVNC Connect subscription includes direct connectivity and you want to establish direct connections, you may need to configure ports, firewalls and routers. For more information, see this FAQ.

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