Organizing RealVNC Viewer connections


When you have a large number of connections saved within RealVNC Viewer, it can be useful to organise these connections RealVNC Viewer provides 

Using Computer groups

Starting in RealVNC Viewer 7.6.0, computer groups that have been created in the RealVNC Connect Portal appear automatically:


Note, discovery permissions still apply and only groups and computers you have been granted access to will appear.

To create a new group, or amend the membership of an existing group log in to the RealVNC Connect Portal and go to Device Access > Groups. You'll need to be a Manager, Admin or Owner of the team.

If you would like to hide the groups in RealVNC Viewer, you can disable the ShowTeamGroups parameter found in the Expert section of RealVNC Viewer's Preferences dialog.

Accessing a team with more than 1000 computers?

To ensure that computer groups are populated fully in RealVNC Viewer, you need to adjust a parameter that allows RealVNC Viewer to load all of your connections from the cloud.

The parameter is called MaxServersToList, and can be set in the Expert section of RealVNC Viewer's Preferences dialog where the value should be set to your subscriptions device capacity, e.g. 10000.

After making this change, you need to trigger a refresh of your Team's computers, for example by renaming a computer in the RealVNC Connect Portal.

Using Labels

RealVNC Viewer includes a Label feature so that users can organize connections in their address book to make their connections easier to find. Labels can be applied to both cloud and direct connection entries in the Address Book.

How do I add a label to a connection?

Labels can be assigned to a connection using the Properties menu, which is accessed by right-clicking on the connection you wish to add a label to.

Where do I find labels I have created?

Labels appear in a submenu under the address book once created.

Can I add multiple labels to a connection?

Yes, connections can have multiple labels.

Labels are only visible to the user/RealVNC account that created them and are not currently available to other users in your RealVNC Connect team.

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