RealVNC Connect Programs - Linux


VNC Connect consists of VNC Server for the computer you want to control, VNC Viewer for the device you want to control from, and a host of supporting programs.

Under Linux, one man page is installed for each program that can be operated from the command line; these are reprinted below. Note that the vncviewervncpasswd and vnclicense man pages might also be useful for Windows and Mac.

For more information on VNC Server modes, click here.

Program Subscription Explanation More info
Xvnc Enterprise  Implements VNC Server in Virtual Mode.  Man page
vncinitconfig  All  Resets VNC Server to factory defaults, and performs related auxiliary operations.  Man page
vnclicense  Enterprise  Applies license keys to VNC Server for remote or offline deployment, and performs related auxiliary operations.  Man page
vncpasswd  All  Manages passwords when the VNC password authentication scheme is chosen for VNC Server.  Man page
vncserver-virtual  Enterprise  Starts VNC Server in Virtual Mode, to create a virtual desktop and provide a dedicated workspace for connected VNC Viewer users.  Man page
vncserver-virtuald  Enterprise  A daemon that starts VNC Server in Virtual Mode for each VNC Viewer that connects, to create virtual desktops on demand.  Man page
vncserver-x11  Enterprise  Starts VNC Server in User Mode, to remote the desktop of the currently-logged on user to connected VNC Viewer users.  Man page
vncserver-x11-serviced  All  A daemon that starts VNC Server in Service Mode, to remote the console of a computer to connected VNC Viewer users for as long as the daemon runs.  Man page
vncviewer  All  Starts VNC Viewer.  Man page
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