Creating and using a secure password


A secure password will help protect your RealVNC account and your connected devices. 

We recommend using a password manager wherever possible. Password managers allow you to store and manage all of your passwords, meaning you don't have to remember multiple passwords for your accounts. They can randomly generate complex, long passwords for you to use, making your passwords almost impossible to guess. 

If a password manager is not available to you, we recommend following the advice below.

Things to include when creating a password

  •  A password should be 8 characters or more, the longer the better.
  •  Use a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  •  A good password is one that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. Consider using a memorable phrase, song lyric, or quote. 
  •  Ensure the password for your RealVNC account is different from the passwords to your RealVNC Servers. Even if someone is able to sign into your RealVNC Viewer, they will be unable to access your remote devices. 

Things to avoid when creating a password

  •  Don't re-use passwords for multiple accounts. You want to protect your account from being compromised if the password for one account is leaked.
  •  Don't include personal information, i.e. birthdays, names, phone numbers, or addresses.
  •  Avoid obvious words, phrases, or sequences, i.e. '1234' or 'password'.

Want to be extra secure?

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA/MFA) on sites which support it. Even if your password leaks, attackers will need a second method to log in. To learn more about setting up Multi-Factor Authentication for your RealVNC account and/or for your RealVNC Servers, see here


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