enquiries on RealVnC

Can someone help on this please?


Is there a process to manage security incidents?

If 'Yes', please describe the process.

See below for guidance:

(a) Record and track.
(b) Severity.
(c) Client/FI information.
(d) Date and time of incident/problem.
(e) Description of incident/problem.
(f) Incident type.
(g) Application, systems and / or network component impacted.
(h) Escalation and approvals.
(i) Actions taken to resolve the incident or problem, including date and time action was taken.
(j) Post-mortem on incidents that includes root-cause analysis.

Note: If the controls above does not apply to your application(s) / engagement please indicate as N/A.


1) can someone let me know if all these can be complied with RealVnC?

2) I need detail explanation to all sub points e.g. a), b), c) and etc


Thank you





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