Creating a pre-configured SSO RealVNC Viewer for Windows installer


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This article covers the necessary steps to create a customised installer for RealVNC Viewer that is pre-configured with your organisation's OIDC Identifier for SSO. To discuss enabling SSO for your subscription, please contact us.

Note: the transformed MSI will need to be run by a user, rather than deployed from a central location since the OidcOrgIdentifier Registry key is created under HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

  1. To create a customised installer on Windows, you will need to download the MSI installers for RealVNC Viewer and Microsoft's Orca tool.
    • The MSI installers for RealVNC Viewer are available for download from the RealVNC website. Change the dropdown menu below the download button to MSI installers and then click download.
    • Orca is available from Microsoft as part of the Windows SDK. Once you have downloaded and installed the Windows SDK, you can copy the Orca.msi installer file to another location for future use.
  2. Extract the RealVNC Viewer MSI installers from the compressed folder and make a note of their location.
  3. Once you have installed Orca, launch it from your Start Menu.
  4. Click Tools on the top menu, then click Options.


  5. Click the Database tab, and place a check mark in the checkbox to enable "Copy embedded streams during 'Save As'", then click OK.


  6. Click the Open button in the top left.


  7. Navigate to where you saved the MSI installers in step 2, and select the MSI installer you want to customise, then click Open.
    Note that there are separate MSI installers for 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows.


  8. Click Registry on the list of tables on the left.


  9. Right click in the right hand pane and click Add Row.


  10. Fill in the details as shown below, replacing myoidcid with the identifier provided to you by RealVNC, then click OK.


    Registry: OidcOrgIdentifier
    Root: 1
    Key: Software\Policies\RealVNC\vncviewer
    Name: OidcOrgIdentifier
    Value: myoidcid
    Component_: ComponentViewer
  11. Click File, Save As, to generate an MSI that will include your OidcOrgIdentifier upon install.

When installed, the MSI installer will create the required Registry value for RealVNC Viewer to be configured to use SSO.

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