What are cloud connections and direct connections?


Cloud connections

A cloud connection is one in which the two endpoints (the remote device you want to access, and the local device you want to access from) are automatically discovered by RealVNC's cloud service.

Cloud connections are quick, secure and seamless - you don't need to configure firewalls and routers, require a VPN, or know any network addresses, but both RealVNC Viewer and RealVNC Server must be connected to the Internet.

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Cloud connections are available on all RealVNC Connect subscriptions.

Direct connections

If your subscription includes direct connectivity, you can establish direct connections as well, or instead, of cloud connections.

A direct connection is one in which you negotiate the network route between the two endpoints, so you must know network addresses (or hostnames) and be able to configure any intermediate firewalls and routers between the RealVNC Viewer device and RealVNC Server device.

When combined with offline licensing, neither RealVNC Viewer nor RealVNC Server needs to be connected to the Internet to establish a direct connection.

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