How do I change the email address associated with my account?


Changing your email address

You can change your email address by signing in to your RealVNC account and navigating to the Profile page. Click the Change email button.


If you are the owner of the subscription, and want to make someone else the owner, please see Changing RealVNC Connect subscription owner.

If you cannot access the email address of your RealVNC account

If you have lost access to the email address used to register your RealVNC account and are unable to log into your account please contact us

We are only able to change the email address of RealVNC accounts with a paid subscription.

If you have a RealVNC Connect Home or Lite subscription and want to change the email address of your RealVNC account, please activate a new subscription using your new email address. Please contact us to request a deletion of your old account. You'll need to rejoin computers to your new team, as described here: How do I re-join a RealVNC Server to the cloud, or change which team RealVNC Server belongs to?

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