Product End of Life (EoL) notice


VNC 5.x

VNC 5.x was removed from sale and considered end-of-life (EOL) from 3rd October 2022.

As we continue to develop VNC Connect and focus our efforts on building a secure solution, we have decided it is time to retire VNC 5.x. This is also in acknowledgement of the increasing sophistication of security threats and our desire that customers benefit from the enhanced protection that VNC Connect provides.

The end-of-life date for this product will be 3rd October 2022. From this date, we will cease issuing further product releases or security fixes for VNC 5.x and VNC 5.x license keys will no longer be available on the VNC Connect Portal.

Existing VNC 5.x users will still be able to access support after the EOL date as per the RealVNC Product Lifecycle Policy. However, given no further releases or security fixes will be issued, we do recommend that users update to VNC Connect (VNC 6x and later).

For more information about what the EOL announcement for VNC 5.x means to you, please click here.

VNC Viewer Plus

VNC Viewer Plus was removed from sale at the end of 28th February 2021.

We have seen declining demand for a standalone tool which is able to directly control Intel AMT-enabled devices (those with a vPro chipset). As a result, we have taken the difficult decision to focus our ongoing engineering effort on our mainline VNC Connect product.

If you have contracted us to provide paid support for VNC Viewer Plus, we will honour the contract until the expiration of your current term. Once expired, renewal will not be possible, but your ongoing use will not be affected.

VNC Viewer for Google Chrome

VNC Viewer for Google Chrome was removed from sale at the end of 28th February 2021.

Noting Google’s desire to discontinue the Chrome app infrastructure over the next year or two, we are removing our VNC Viewer for Google Chrome app from its store. We will instead invest in ensuring our VNC Viewer for Android can run on Chromebook devices.

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