Reviewing logs of connections to RealVNC Server on Windows


By default, RealVNC Server logs all connections to the Windows Event Log. For every connection, the following information is logged:

  1. Connection to [server-cloud-id] is from user <RealVNC-account-email>
  2. Connected: <RealVNC-account-email> (from <IP:port>)
  3. <Authentication-success | failure> <RealVNC-account-email> (from <IP:port>) as <Windows account user> (RealVNC Server permission)
  4. Disconnected: <RealVNC-account-email> (from <IP:port>)(<disconnection-reason>)

To view this information:

  1. Open Event Viewer.
  2. Select Windows Logs > Application.
  3. Select Filter Current Log and choose VNC Server as the Event sources:


For more information on logging in general, and particularly about other platforms, visit: All About Logging.

For information about storing logs centrally, please see Centralised logging for VNC Server.

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