Why am I being asked to check my email each time I sign in to my RealVNC account?


We've introduced security measures to make sure people can't sign in to your RealVNC account even if they discover or guess your account credentials (email address and password).

You'll get an email each time you sign in online or into RealVNC Viewer from a new device, asking you to confirm this was you. Please check the time and location (of the device signing into your account) and - if you're sure this is you - authorize the sign in to continue. 

Once authorized, we won't ask you for that device again, or any other device at the same (now trusted) location.

If the location is wrong, please see Why is the wrong location shown in the email I receive when signing in to my RealVNC Account?

Not getting these emails?

Do we store your correct/regular email address? If not, sign in to your RealVNC account and change it on the Profile page.

If you're still not getting the emails:

  • Check your junk/spam folders
  • Add "no-reply@realvnc.com" to your contacts list 
  • If you have an allowed senders list, add "no-reply@realvnc.com" to it.

Don't want to check your email each time you sign in from a new device?

There's an easy way to suppress these emails. Simply turn on 2-step verification for your RealVNC account, and benefit from the extra layer of security. To do this:

  1. Sign in to your RealVNC account
  2. Navigate to the Security page. To access the Security page, click the Profile/person icon at the top right and then click the Security option.
  3. Follow the instructions to generate a TOTP code on your mobile device each time you sign in.

Please remember to make a note of your backup codes, or take a screenshot of the QR code, in case you misplace your mobile device.

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