What are VNC Connect, VNC Server and VNC Viewer? Which app do I install where and where can I download them?


VNC Connect is the brand name of our flagship remote access software. It consists of:

  • VNC Server, for remote computers you want to control
  • VNC Viewer, for local computers and mobile devices you want to control from
  • Your RealVNC account, where you manage your subscription and the computers and people you want to enable remote access for.

When you deploy VNC Connect for the first time:

  • Download VNC Server to every computer you want to control
  • Download VNC Viewer to every desktop computer you want to control from, or search 'RealVNC' in the iOS App Store or Android Play Store.

To license VNC Connect (that is, apply your subscription), simply sign in when prompted to both VNC Server and VNC Viewer using your RealVNC account credentials (email address and password).

We recommend our Getting Started guides, which you can find links for below:

How do I get started with VNC Connect on Windows and Mac?

How do I get started with VNC Connect on Linux?

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