RealVNC Product Lifecycle Policy


RealVNC software and services support a wide range of platforms, as detailed here: 

VNC Connect (VNC Server, VNC Viewer, Instant Support): Supported Platforms for VNC Connect

VNC 5.x : Supported platforms for VNC 5.x

Support for RealVNC Software 

Refer to Release Notes

VNC Connect

VNC Server

RealVNC supports the current and previous 2 minor versions of VNC Server. See Supported Operating Systems (below).

VNC Viewer

RealVNC supports the current and previous minor version of VNC Viewer. See Supported Operating Systems (below).

Instant Support

RealVNC supports the current Instant Support executable download available at 

VNC 5.x

RealVNC supports the last shipping version of VNC Server 5.x (5.3.3) and VNC Viewer (5.3.3). See Support Operating Systems (below).

Critical security issues will be fixed for VNC 5.x. 

Supported Operating Systems

For legacy operating systems: RealVNC supports the latest version of VNC Server / VNC Viewer supported by your Operating System. 

See Supported platforms for VNC 5.x


RealVNC software is tested and supported on operating systems supported by Microsoft. For information on the Microsoft Lifecycle for Windows products, see

To find the support status of your Microsoft operating system, please visit


Apple does not publish an official policy but RealVNC commits to support VNC Server and VNC Viewer on the current and 2 previous versions of macOS. 



RealVNC software is supported on LTS releases supported by Canonical. See:

RedHat / CentOS

RealVNC software is supported on RedHat Enterprise Linux (and derivatives) supported by the operating system vendor in Full Support or Maintenance Support.

SUSE Linux Enterprise

RealVNC software is supported on SUSE Linux Enterprise supported by SUSE.

Raspberry Pi OS (previously called Raspbian)

RealVNC software is supported on Raspberry Pi OS (previously called Raspbian) releases that are not End-of-Life. 

Other Linux Distributions

If you are using a Linux distribution not detailed above, whilst it is likely to work, RealVNC has not tested its software and therefore is unable to provide support.

iOS / iPadOS

RealVNC supports the current and previous 3 major releases of iOS / iPadOS


RealVNC software is supported on Android 6 and above.

NOTE: We are unable to support Android forks (e.g. LineageOS) or rooted phones

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