How do I reset my password?


VNC Connect has two separate authentication systems to provide secure access to your remote computers.

RealVNC account password

You enter your RealVNC account credentials (email address and password) when signing in to VNC Viewer, signing in online to manage your account, or when signing in to VNC Server to apply your subscription.

If you forget this password, you can reset it by:

  1. Visiting the sign-in page , entering your email address, and clicking Next.
  2. Selecting Forgot password on the next screen.

VNC Server password

You enter your VNC Server username and password at the point of actually trying to connect to a remote computer using VNC Viewer.

Firstly, please check this article to ensure you are using the correct username and password: What username and password do I enter when I'm trying to connect to VNC Server?

If you are still unable to connect, then please see below.

Professional or Enterprise subscription

You (or your IT manager) will need to reset your system account password on the remote computer itself to be able to connect using VNC. If you are logging in with a domain account, your IT manager can reset the password on the domain.

Home subscription / VNC Password

If you forget your VNC Server password, you can reset it by visiting the remote computer and:

  1. Right-clicking the VNC Server tray or notification icon to open the menu, and selecting Open:

  2.  In the VNC Server dialog, selecting Change password, and following the instructions:



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