Service Cancellation / Reactivation


Service Cancellation

We will provide you with final notice of non-payment of any amount due. 

Unless the full amount has been paid, we may cancel your subscription after such notice. 


If your subscription is cancelled, computers joined to the cancelled team will be inaccessible. If you have other subscriptions, your computer will not automatically be joined to another team and you will need to follow the instructions in  How do I re-join a RealVNC Server to the cloud, or change which team RealVNC Server belongs to?

Reactivating your subscription

Should you wish to continue using the RealVNC Connect service after it has been cancelled, please log into the VNC Connect portal and reactivate your subscription by renewing on the Billing page.

If you don't see the Renew button on the Billing page, please contact support.

Please also refer to End User License Agreement, which you can read in EnglishDeutscheFrançaisEspañol, or Português.

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