Can I share my remote control session (screen)?


Yes. VNC Connect is built for sharing.

The easiest way to do this is to invite people in to your team. Invitees will automatically discover team computers when they sign in to VNC Viewer and can simply tap or click to start the connection process.

To complete a connection, the invitee will need to authenticate to VNC Server. If you have a Home subscription, you must share the VNC password you created when you installed VNC Server. If you have a Professional or Enterprise subscription, you have a little more flexibility:

  • You can register other user accounts (perhaps from your corporate network) with VNC Server so each invitee can enter their own, familiar system credentials. At the same time, you can grant session permissions, perhaps in order to make them view-only.

  • If you have an Enterprise subscription, you can enable guests to establish direct connections without having to enter a password (not cloud connections though). To do this, enable guest access in the VNC Server Options dialog:

    ...and then turn on Guest Access from the tray icon’s shortcut menu:

    When authenticating, instruct connecting users to enter a Username of ‘guest’ and to leave the Password field empty.

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