Why has my account been suspended or disabled?


If you cannot sign in to your RealVNC account (either online, or in RealVNC Viewer or RealVNC Server), it may be that we’ve have had to suspend your account.

This is likely due to EU data protection regulations (GDPR, effective May 2018), which state you must be at least 16 years of age before we can store personally identifiable information about you. If we’re not sure, we’ve taken the precaution of suspending your account.

If you are over 16, then you can reinstate your account simply by entering your email address and password to sign in as normal, and then selecting the I am over the age of 16 checkbox.

If you are not able to confirm your age, then unfortunately we shall shortly have to delete your account. Perhaps you could consider getting a parent, teacher or guardian to sign up for a new account on your behalf.

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