Can I promote people to help administer my team?


Yes. This may be useful if you have a Professional or Enterprise subscription and there are many computers and people in your team.

Each person you invite has a role:

  • A User can sign in to VNC Viewer using their own RealVNC account credentials and remotely access computers. This is the default role. This user cannot manage the team.
  • A Manager is a User who can additionally sign in online and manage computers, people, permissions and roles for Users and other Managers and - for Enterprise subscriptions - view the Deployment page for license keys and to generate and revoke cloud join tokens. Managers can sign in when licensing VNC Server to add a computer to the team.
  • An Administrator is a Manager who can additionally sign in online, add capacity, renew subscriptions, and manage permissions and roles for all users excluding the Owner. They can also manage the billing details and payment methods so long as they have the Administrator role on all teams owned by the same account.
  • The Owner is the person who purchases the subscription. Owners have full control over their subscriptions. 

To change a person’s role, sign in to your RealVNC account and navigate to the People page.

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