Do I have to sign up for a RealVNC account?


Yes. It only takes a few seconds. Please note you must be 16 or over. Sign up or sign in.

Please choose a complex account password and don’t re-use one from another online service. We recommend setting up 2-step verification (2FA) on the Security page.

Your RealVNC account credentials (email address and password) are important. Use them to:

  • Sign in online and manage computers, people, roles, permissions, renewals and payment methods for your team.
  • Sign in to RealVNC Server desk-side in order to license it.
  • Sign in to RealVNC Viewer on devices you want to control from, and backup and sync your address book.

If you’re a developer, you can use the same credentials to sign in to our VNC Developer website , download the VNC SDK, and build remote access in to your own product or service.

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