Accents (diacritics) don't work on android using external keyboard

I cant use diacritics (ex: typing "~" + "a" to get "ã") in Realvnc for android using an external brazilian keyboard. 

I tested in Android 11 (POCO F1 running Pixel Experience) and Android 12 (Using Sansumg Tab S7 FE with original rom). Same problem in both.

The same external Brazilian keyboard shows diacritics on "regular" android apps, like Google Docs. So it doesn't seem to be an Android problem.

But if I use a software keyboard, diacritics works ok on RealVNC for Android.

Final test: If I connect to the same VNC server (using the same external keyboard) using RealVNC for windows it works ok.

I'm using the latest RealVNC viewer on play store.

Any help?

Thanks in advance.




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