Can't get a license

My version is home not enterprise.

  I go through a few entry points to get to a license entry window.  I can't enter a license key as I don't have one.  The box offers a click button to get one.  That takes me to another window with an ask a question box, community, documentation or log in.  If I log in not much is there, no license key.  If I ask how to get a license I get several posts about keys.  If I start the server it won't start because I don't have a key.  It offers me to go and get a key but that just brings me to the page I mentined above.  That is the page with a place to ask a question, community, login, or documentation.  The documentation page looked like posts.  It gave a way to get a license key but that only got me to the question page.  So there are a few entry points to pages that do nothing.  If I start the server that asks me for a key I don't have and offers a choice to get one but that gets me to the question page again.  So it is a loop that gets no key. ??

   How do I get a license key?  Another thing.  Someplace it said I don't need a key, I just use my login and password.  But that does not work  I can't start the server.  ??  

   How do I get a license key the server asks for?



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  • Hi there,

    Which version of VNC Server are you trying to run please?


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