VNC not showing in system Tray (Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition 64-Bit)


I installed VNC Server on Windows Server 2016 a couple of times already with no issues whatsoever.

Yesterday I did the same as usual:

  • Take a freshly installed server
  • First thing I do is install VNC Server
  • Then I log in with no issues
  • Then I close Microsoft Remote Desktop and Try to log in via VNC Viewer

Now, for the very first time ever, I get this Error message:

VNC Server has no authentication schemes configured.  Please check VNC Server configuration and try again.


After going back to the server via Microsoft Remote Desktop I see that VNC is not even in the system tray! However, it is running (server manager ok, task manager ok).

I have spent 3-4 hours already - did another clean installation of Windows to initialize the settings - same problem. Nothing helps!

What can I do?? Please help!!







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