RealVNC viewer on Windows 11 fails to work with Ubuntu's vnc server

Since upgrading to Windows 11 and installing the latest version of RealVNC viewer, I have been unable to get RealVNC viewer to display the screen from an Ubuntu vnc server.

After authenticating successfully, the screen flickers and repeatedly displays a series of error messages. These error messages were stored in RealVNC's log file as shown below:

Assertion: Warning: Assertion '!rect.isEmpty()' failed at c:\ent-slave-root\workspace\vncconnect\builds\clients\vnc_6.11.x\label\con-windows-64\rvcore\libs\rfb\cproto.cxx:142

CConnection: close: [ProtocolError] Protocol error: bad rectangle: 10773x0 at 5376,21 exceeds 1680x1050 at 0,0

CModuleReconnector: Attempting reconnect...

[It should be noted that there is nothing wrong with the Ubuntu's vnc server, as it still works perfectly when viewing it using MobaXTerm from the same Windows 11 PC.]




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