Some applications only show empty Windows :-(

I am using VNC (Server: v6.11.0 on my Laptop/Workstation in the office / Viewer: v6.22.515 on a Windows Surface tablet that I carry with me) since several years and it works mostly fine.

I had been using it without any issue for several years with a Dell Workstation. Recently I switched to a new Workstation (HP Z-Book) and with that I am observing the nasty effect that - when I run the machine with closed lid (which causes the display to be shut off) then some applications only display "empty windows", i.e. a hair-fine line denoting the windows' position but without any content. Input to those windows works, i.e. one can enter data or press buttons if one knows (or guesses) where to press, but there is no window content shown, so this is not a really operable mode.

The two applications where this happens are:

* Atlassian SourceTree (v3.4.4) and

* TeamViewer (v15.35.5).

All other applications and windows itself (Win 10 Enterprise) work without issue.

If I open the lid slightly so that the display is re-enabled then also these two applications work fine but I would prefer to be able to close it. First for privacy and second because my colleagues consider these "magically" moving mouse and windows a bit "spooky".

Any idea how to "force" those windows' content to be shown?

Note 1: I already know and have set the capture mode to "1". That did not solve this issue.

Note 2 : I also know the option to darken the screen while connected. That's my current work-around as it allows to keep the lid half-open (which prevents said empty windows) without infringing on my privacy. But in that mode the mouse/cursor is still visibly moving around which - as I mentioned - my colleagues occasionally find irritating.




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