VNC can't connect after computer display sleeps


I have VNC installed installed on devices that are managed by Intune. Once the monitor's go to sleep after 15 minutes, I can no longer connect and need to physically wake up those monitors so that VNC can connect.

Is this normal? Is something else happening here that I am not aware of? I've been told to install VNC as a service to have the device woken up when receiving a connection but can't find anywhere which confirms this.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.



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  • Hi Rame,

    I'm having exactly the same problem and from what I could find, this has to do with the different types of modes in VNC Server (Service and User).

    The above table is the only information I can find from the Real VNC website

    Just to note, I didn't have this issue about a month ago and I think they've made some changes that have now caused this problem. I'm also having another issue which is the Console Window Host (CMD window) doesn't go away after vncserver.exe is started which means I have to have that open showing on my host desktop in order for my connection to be successful.

    I think this is a bug and I'm not sure how to go about reporting without incurring further (support) charges.

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