Wake On LAN


Each time there is a power outage we need to take an hour to drive to a building to restart the computers in order for VNC to work.  

Request:  Please enable a wake on LAN feature OR suggest a work around.

Thank you,




  • You can use Wolow app to remotely wake on lan all the servers through a static router public ip and binding all the servers a static internal ip

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  • @Gal Dadon

    Sometimes it is not possible (or possible but not allowed by policies) to do so as you recommed. Take a look at AnyDesk. There is WOL implemented in their Software. And it works.

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  • Gal Dadon

    After a power outage, Wake on lan should not work, it only works with a normal power off. You need to go to the Bios of your machine and look for an option called "Restore AC Power Loss" or something like that and choose between "Last State" or "Power On". 

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  • I agree: it would be very simple to send WOL for example from a raspberry pi through ReallVNC.

    Also Teamviewer has that feature.

    Actually I use a simple web server on a raspberry pi running in docker (wol-web).


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