Upgrade to VNC® Server 6.10.0 (r47347) x86 (Jun 29 2022 12:47:43) on Linux Mint.. Tray Icon missing.

After upgrade to the above version on Linux Mint 20.3, the tray icon is missing and half of the time the service doesn't restart on boot.

I have run the following commands:

  1. systemctl enable vncserver-x11-serviced.service
  2. systemctl enable vncserver-virtuald.service


Still no Tray Icon.   However this fixed the service not starting.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled without success.  If I click on the the VNC Server Icon in the Linux Mint GUI Menu, I am left disconnected for a few seconds until the VNC Service restarts but this allows me to check to see the RealVNC service status.

I got an error about apt not in the sandbox and access _apt denied with the name of the downloaded RealVNC deb installer.

What can I do to fix this?




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  • I am having the same issue running kubuntu 22.04 and using the latest: VNC-Server-6.10.1-Linux-x64.deb installer file.

    Tested in VM, on fresh 22.04 install and on upgrade 20.04* --> 22.04.

    In all cases I install Realvnc server using gdebi, the VNC server works fine, but does not show a tray icon in the KDE desktop environment.

    * I installed kubuntu 20.04 on a clean install of my second PC, installed VNC server and it showed the tray icon just fine. When upgrading to 22.04 the tray icon is missing.

    I always also install Teamviewer as a second option, Teamviewer does show a tray icon without problems on kubuntu 22.04

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