RealVNC Freezes (slow response) on Windows 11 PC.

I've got the RealVNC Server: 6.9.1 (r46706) x64 (Mar 24 2022 16:16:05) installed on a Mac Mini (M1, 2020) running macOS Monterey version 12.3.1, chip Apple M1, Memory 8 GB.

I connect to this Mac Mini M1 using RealVNC Viewer: 6.21.1109 (r45988) x64 (Nov 9 2021 13:14:09).

The Viewer always seems to connect to the Mac Mini M1 without problem. But after the connection is made, and I being interacting with the Mac Mini M1 desktop, the RealVNC Viewer connect often freezes. Sometimes the freeze last for 15 or more seconds. And then sometime the RealVNC Viewer acts smoothly as expected.

I've tried updating both the RealVNCViewer and the RealVNC Server, and I believe I'm on the latest versions of both Viewer and Server.

Any advice on how to make the RealVNC experience always be smooth with no intermittent freezing of the Mac Mini M1's desktop image?





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