Issue with integrating VNC Connector with CyberArk


We are in the process of deploying the CyberArk PAM solution in our environment. We have been using RealVNC for a long time in our environment to remote access servers or workstations. We would like to continue using VNC rather than RDP connection to access various servers through CyberArk PAM Solution.

We can take care of the first level of authentication for VNC (Local or AD integrated) but for the second level of authentication, where we need to login into the server, below are the challenges –

  1. Let's suppose we are connecting to the server for the first time, then we need to specify credentials of either the local server account or domain account
  2. If the user has already logged in, then the session will remain open and if the second user tries to log in, he doesn’t have to provide server credentials as the session is already opened by another user.
  3. The third scenario is, that the user is logged in but due to inactivity his session is locked out and we need to authenticate. In this process, we just have to specify the password.

With the connector, only 1 scenario can be taken care of. So, I would request you to kindly share the above details with the VNC team.




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    Hi Arif,

    Can you submit a ticket about this, please? We'll be able to assist further there.

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