No taskbar after vncserver upgrade from 6.7.4 to 6.9.1 (raspbian bullseye)

Fresh install of raspberrypi OS (Raspbian bullseye) enable ssh and vnc. I have always started vncserver with "vncserver -geometry 2560x1440 :1". Connects fine with VNC Viewer (hostname:1). Desktop appears at correct resolution with Taskbar and Wastebasket. Then I upgraded raspberrypi OS using "sudo apt-get upgrade" installs a bunch of new updates including vncviewer and vncserver 6.9.1. After restarting vncserver using above method, when I connect with VNC viewer using hostname:1 I get the desktop at the correct resolution and the Wastebasket, but no Taskbar. I can't do anything except create a new file/folder and play with Desktop Preferences.



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