Guest access to Raspberry Pi

This is my first post here so, Hi all.

I am an amateur astronomer and I have built my own private observatory along with a friend.  We elected to have two separate routers and LANs within the build and both these are sub-routers connected to our astronomy club's main router.  Both observatories are planned to operable remotely.

I have installed a Raspberry Pi that opens and closes the sliding roof.  Checks if it is raining or not. Makes sure that both telescopes are in the correct position so that they will not be hit by the roof as it moves.  It also runs an Amcrest camera that allows remote viewing on the inside of the Observatory.

We are both using the home license for RealVNC to remotely access our Windows 10 PCs that run the telescopes, astrophotgraphy cameras and ancillary telescope peripherals.  We bot have separate RealVNC accounts to access our own PCs from remote Windows devices.

The Raspberry Pi runs the observatory and is connected to my router.  I want my partner to be able to access this computer so he may control the observatory remotely but I do not want he accessing my other computers on my LAN.  How may I accomplish this please?

Thanks in advance.






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