Sharing VNC Viewer connections between all users of a windows pc

Hi Folks,  looking for an option to share connectivity to three pc's (non-domain environment} on a pc (domain environment/same network) so that any user logging into that pc can see those three pc's without the user having to know/enter the information for those three pc's (ip/pw).

I was hoping for VNC Viewer, but i cannot find where it writes the connection list information. the passwords json file was easy to find, but need some help on where that connection list info is stored.

thank you



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    Hi David,

    Which OS are you running VNC Viewer on please? If Windows, VNC Viewer v6.x stores the Address Book entries in %appdata%\RealVNC\ViewerStore


    Jack N

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  • Hi Jack,

    i found entries in %appdata"...., but this is a users owned directory.

    I want to share vnc-hosts to all users at a pc, other software then uses the directory in C:\Users\Public or c:\programdata.

    Is this possible with vnc-viewer

    Best wishes Andi

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  • Hi Jack-N-RealVNC,

    We are looking for the same answer as Andi, any update on this questions are appreciated.

    Thank you,


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  • Any update on this? I really need to use it across multiple user in a lab enviroment. I cant be rebuilding it for every user that might run the lab.


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