Linux - Debian Variant - VNC Server is not currently listening for Cloud connections

Hi All

This is a weird one.   

I've had VNC Server working on my Linux laptop (Debian variant) working since November 19th 2021,

that's 2 months now.

All of a sudden, today, January 19th, 2022, VNC Server stops working and give me the message,

"VNC Server is not currently listening for Cloud connections"

It was working perfectly yesterday.  Only just stopped today.

Any Ideas?

Is it coincidence that it stopped working exactly 2 months after I got it working?


Michael Blucher




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    Hi Michael,

    Unfortunately one of our data centres was affected by a network connectivity issue which led to interruptions in VNC Connect.

    We can confirm that a solution has been implemented and service at the affected data centre has been restored. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused during this incident.

    Please note that we have a status page where we publish details of service incidents such as this, which is available here:

    Kind regards,

    Jack N

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  • Thanks for your reply Jack.

    I had not considered an outage at RealVNC's end.

    Everything is back and working again, I can confirm.


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