VNC Viewer with Raspberry OS


Brand new user connecting to a raspberry pi4 running a fresh install of raspberry os (32 bit).  VNC is enabled and the service is running.  Viewer is running on a Windows 10 machine on the same network,

When I connect for the first time (login prompt appears, etc.) everything connects fine and I am able to remote control without any issues.  However, if I exit the viewer, the second time I try to connect using the now created saved connection icon in the viewer, the connection times out and fails.  When it fails, I am still able to putty into the pi, ping the pi, and the pi functionality is still working (able to browse, etc.)

If I delete the saved connection from the viewer and start fresh again, it connects without issue.

I don't know if this is something simple or unique to my setup.  Again, after immediately deleting the saved connection and trying again as a new connection - it works flawlessly without any changes to anything else. 

Thank you for the help




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