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I use the free version of Connect on my home computers.  Recently, I got a new (to me) laptop that I installed Windows 11 on.  This laptop is giving me an error stating that it is polling for screen updates. It says that DirectX capture on my system is not working properly and I should either report this to whoever wrote the drivers for my GPU or I should set the CaptureMethod field to 1 so it always polls.  I'd prefer not to use polling, though, so I've been trying to figure out a way around this.  At first I thought this was because my laptop is running Windows 11 and maybe its a compatibility issue, but my research has now led me to believe it is being caused by the switchable graphics in my laptop. My laptop uses both the intel GPU built into my processor for low-demand apps and a discrete Geforce GPU for high-demand apps (i.e. games). I also sometimes use another remote access app called Parsec and it is in their documentation that in laptops with switchable graphics, I have to specify that the Intel GPU is the only one used for their capture service due to the way that the intel GPU is the one directly connected to the LCD and the Geforce GPU is not. I do this by specifying a particular EXE and setting it to use the Intel GPU only. I think I'm seeing a similar issue with Connect because when I first boot up, the error doesn't appear, but after I've done some things that triggered the discrete GPU, then the error appears. I wanted to ask if there's a known workaround for this. And, if not, is this something I should report to RealVNC or Nvidia?



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  • I find this happens after waking up the screen. Restarting the service temporarily clears the message until I leave my PC idle and let the screen turn off. It's then back to the polling for screen updates.

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