Session Information - "Size:" setting

The "Size:" settings in the Session Information for one of my remote computers somehow got changed to "1 x 1" which makes it impossible to use.  All the other computers in my group have normal "Size:" settings - ie..."2896 x 1626"

Any ideas on how to change this "Size:" setting without having to delete the computer and re-add it?  No one is available at the remote site.

Thank you. 




  • Hi Tom,

    This usually happens if VNC Server isn't able to capture the desktop of the remote computer. What version of VNC Server are you connecting to and on which operating system?

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  • Thanks for the response.  It was Version 6.7.4 (r43891) running on Monterey 12.0.1

    Once I was able to get back to the Remote Machine it turned out that the VNC Server indeed wasn't able to capture the desktop due to the Remote OS getting stuck waiting for a response to an apparent "automatic" update setting I had missed.

    Case closed.



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