spontaneous switching of desktop background picture

I have been using RealVNC VNC Server and Viewer on 3 home computers for a few years now. For the past year I have noticed that shortly after using it on one computer, when I use it again on another computer the background picture on that computer has been changed. It does not happen often enough that I tell what circumstances this occurs under, but it happens enough to annoy me and my wife.

Has anyone else noticed anything like this? I have tried removing some of the background picture choices on some of the computers, but they are getting copied form one computer to the other, which is why I really suspect your product is doing this. That is in addition to the time correlation between using it somewhere, closing it, and using it again later the same day.

I suppose I could uninstall it everywhere and try to reinstall. Any other suggestions?




  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for your post! To answer your comment on your other post - yes, our community is currently set to require a moderator to approve all posts and comments before they are posted publicly.

    I haven't seen the issue of the desktop background switching before. Which versions of VNC Viewer and VNC Server are you using please? Are you using the "Remove desktop background" option in VNC Server's Options, Privacy section?

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  • Jeff, I've seen this in the past and I think it was because settings were being synchronised by Windows (using Microsoft account).

    On Windows 10, try going to Settings -> Accounts and check if "Sync my settings" is enabled.

    Hope that helps.

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  • Jack - that was not it.

    Winnie - I stopped signing into a Microsoft account, and that had the effect of stopping settings sync as well. Hopefully that will fix the problem.

    Thank you both for the prompt response.

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