Constant disconnects and auto-reconnects

Trying to connect Mac to Mac.  All setup is fine, initial connection is fine.  The problem is I get constant disconnects and automatic reconnects.  It's annoying. Standard parameters on client and server. A possible wrinkle is that I'm using ExpressVPN on the client side.  I have logs on both sides, nothing obvious to me.  I've tried diddling the KeepAlive parameters, haven't found something that works. Who has had this problem and found a solution? Many thanks!



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    Hi Ron,

    I can see you've now opened a ticket with our product support team, we'll work with you there to resolve the issue.



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  • I removed ExpressVPN, no change, still get disconnects and auto-reconnects.

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  • I have the same problem since about the same time as the original post.

    I use VNC Server on Mac with VNC Viewer on Windows 10.

    I have also opened a ticket, but nothing has come out of it yet.

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  • This work-around solved my problem (with Mac viewer):

    1) Open VNC Viewer's Preferences
    2) Click Expert
    3) Enter this into the Filter box: _CloudConnTypes=UdpRelay,TcpRelay
    4) Click Set Parameters, then OK/Apply
    5) Try a new connection to VNC Server

    It forces relay connections; direct connections were failing for me.

    Note: the default value for _CloudConnTypes=PeerToPeer,UdpRelay,TcpRelay


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  • Thank you, 
    I shall try it out. 

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