Only vncviewer for android will connect

I have a raspberry pi 4 with vncserver enabled and running. With my samsung s21 phone, I installed vncviewer and can connect to the pi when I turn on wifi and connect thru my home network.

However, I cannot connect thru any other household device- a desktop Kubuntu 20.04, a virtualbox Win7, nor some old android tablets. I've tried multiple vncviewers, checking/configuring my internal firewall and some modifications to /root/.vnc/config.d/vncserver-x11




The phone connected both prior and post config changes. According to vncserver-x11.log, the problem seems to be wrong user/password. The app on the phone allowed me to input a username and password ("pi" and a changed default password) but none of the other viewers seem to allow me to enter the user password pair, including the RealVNC client I installed in Kubuntu and Win7. The RealVNC app does not exist in the Playstore for the old tablets. I hope someone can help me.




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