Mouse Back Button

On many mouse, there is a button to go back on a web browser for example.
This button does not work through realvnc, but it does work in other software like Teamviewer.
What do I have to do to make it work?



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    VNC Connect supports the primary 3 mouse buttons at the moment, but not additional buttons such as forward and back. I will move this post to our feature requests section


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  • I definitely want this. Both forward and back buttons would be excellent.

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  • @Maurice I implemented this with autohotkey, supposing that Alt-Left/Right triggers go-back/forward in your application.

    SendMode Event
    #IfWinActive ahk_exe vncviewer.exe
    ~XButton1:: SendInput, !{Left}
    ~XButton2:: SendInput, !{Right}
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  • @李大锐, Thanks for the script but it doesn't work for me unfortunately

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  • Are there any updates to this? Is this on the roadmap? Will it be placed on the roadmap?

    This appears to be the highly requested feature and would be a huge usability enhancement. I'm sure many of us would appreciate forward and back buttons. It's the only thing that remote desktop provides, but RealVNC does not!.

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  • The absence of side button support is very annoying. Using the "Back" button is second nature to me.

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  • Checking in to see if this has yet been scheduled for implementation...

    Would love to see this available as a feature!

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  • Hi, I'm a new user of RealVNC.

    This is also a highly wanted feature by me!

    It's almost 3 years ago this post was made. Why hasn't this been implemented yet?

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  • I can haz back button? Pleez?

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