Need viewer to translate TV levels to PC levels (picture is washed out)

I'm using Real VNC client with a KVM-over-IP device.  The device presents itself as a TV rather than a monitor to the laptop that it's remoting, so the laptop sends it TV levels (pure black is RGB 16,16,16 and pure white is RGB 235,235,235).  The box passes these numbers along faithfully with no support for translating them, nor, apparently any way to spoof an EIED of a monitor vs a TV.  And the laptop video driver has now means to override the EIED and force full levels (which the device would happily receive).  I know the correct solution is to get the EIED right so the laptop sends PC levels, but can't figure that out.

So, as a last resort, I wonder whether the VNC client has a setting that will render 16->235 TV color range to 0->255 PC color range?   






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    Unfortunately VNC Viewer does not have a colour mapping override.

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