Pi Max Encryption?

If I set the RealVNC Viewer security > encryption option to always maximum for my raspberry pi 3b+ then I cant connect and get an error that the RealVNC server needs to be updated. When I run apt-get update and apt-get upgrade there are no updates. Also, the RealVNC server check for updates menu option says it is up to date. If I put the encryption option back to let VNC server choose it works (128 bit). I assume this is because the always maximum option requires 256 bit however, I have some 32-bit debian VMs (installed the 32-bit debian package) which connect without error with that same always maximum option. I have RealVNC Home and use VNC Connect, which I read on the internet only does 128 bit encryption. I dont think this is really a problem for me as I will just set the encryption to always on rather than always maximum but it's odd behavior and someone over at RealVNC should look into it. 



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    Hi Samuel,

    You're correct that AlwaysMaximum for 256 bit AES encryption is an Enterprise subscription feature. What I think is happening here is that on Raspberry Pi we enable some additional features for free (built-in license and Home) such as direct connections. When you try to use Always Maximum, VNC Server rejects the connection, though I appreciate the error message you see could be improved; I'll pass that on to the team.

    On Debian, we don't provide direct connections on any subscription type other than Enterprise. I suspect you are connecting to a non-RealVNC VNC Server that is running as part of Debian meaning the Always Maximum isn't actually applying to that connection. To check, please check which process is listening on port 5900 using:

    sudo netstat -anp | grep 5900



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  • What you said makes sense. Sorry, forgot to mention that I am using the RealVNC Connect cloud service. I only connect directly when initially setting up a raspberry pi so that I can sign in on the RealVNC Server. Thanks!  https://www.realvnc.com/en/connect/download/vnc/linux/

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  • Hi Samuel,

    No problem at all!

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